7 Awesome Google Map Hacks To Use For Your Next Road Trip

According to most travelers, Google Maps is an ideal app that helps them easily locomote from point A to B. With this at your disposal, you don't have to ask for the easiest route to your destination. Nevertheless, this is just the icing on the cake. Google Maps can offer more than just a quick route.

From finding the cheapest yet most comfortable hotels to finding restaurants serving your favorite meals to locating your packed car, the Google Maps generator is everything you need when traveling.

Read along for more details on awesome Google Map hacks for your next road trip!

  1. Search Preferred Cuisines

Nothing else makes traveling memorable besides trying local cuisines. Eating different food from other parts of the world helps one understand the local food and how they're made. To know the best restaurants serving the unique cuisines on your route, take advantage of Google Maps.  

To do this, first, visit the Settings, then click Food and Drink preferences, and lastly choose Dietary. Afterward, the Maps will provide you with different restaurants matching your preference. Remember, you don't have to use the app to research local cuisines; you can also use it to find an outlet serving your favorite meals.

  1. Share Your Real-Time Location

Due to the increased crime rate, solo travelers are always in danger. With that in mind, sharing your real-time location is advisable. At this point, you can take advantage of Google Maps' Share Your Location feature and rest assured that your loved ones know your whereabouts.

Below are the steps to effectively share your real-time location.

  • Set your destination in the app

  • Check the bottom-most section to see the estimated minutes and distance

  • Select the ‘Share Trip Progress’ option, then

  • Select the social media platform you prefer, such as Instagram, to share your location and the contacts of people you want to know your whereabouts.

  1. Look For Testing Or Vaccination Centers

Google Maps isn't left behind regarding safety adjustments. The Maps allow users to research testing and vaccination centers near them. You only need to type 'testing centers near me’ or ‘vaccination centers near me' to get to nearby centers. This can help you easily find testing and vaccination facilities easily.

  1. Find Your Packed Vehicle

Google Maps are advanced in a way that allows them to direct you anywhere, even to your packed car amid the fleet of vehicles. To use this hack effectively, save your packing slot on the maps by tapping the arrow indicating where you are, then choose Save as a parking lot. When you want to return to the car, go back to the app to accrue directions to the saved pin.

  1. Download Maps To Stay En Route While Offline

Gone are the days when travelers kept paper maps in case they ran out of battery or passed through an area without network coverage. Currently, you can take advantage of Google Maps hacks, and you're done preserving hard-copy maps.

Before hitting the road, research the location you want to visit and how to get there. Then, tap the location name at the bottom of the page and choose Download adoption on the emerging window. After that, you can follow the directions and business information in your route, even offline.

  1. Save On Gas

Expenses always add up while on the go. However, Google Maps can help you reduce your expenditure, especially on gas. Go to Google Maps and research close-by gas stations and their prices. This hack is even essential when traveling to places with more filling stations where each wants to lure in customers. Why should you pay more for gas when you can use Google Maps to get a better deal?

It's also important to state that this hack can help you avoid toll highways and roads. While still on the maps, tap the three dots on the right side of your gadget to determine the routes you should take and avoid.

  1. Save Your Favorite Tourist Places

While Google Maps saves your recently visited places, it won't hurt if you save your favorite tourist spots. You only need to tap or search your favorite spots on the map while still at it. Then, tap the save option to get the following category options:

  • Favorite

  • Travel plans

  • Starred places

  • Want to go

You can also make your category and add it to the menu.


Google Maps is more than a traveling app. It should be referred to as the closest companion for travelers. This app allows you to move around easily and determine where to get certain services. The app is easy to install and use, too.