Buy And Sell Domain On Fameseller | Resale Domains (Step By Step Guide)

Buying an expired domains at lower price and sell domain at higher price is in the trend now and domain flipping become a business now a days.

You won't believe some domains are sold for $80,000 to $100,000. Yes its true its the power of digital world. Now anyone can sell domains and make money online its very easy. There are lot of marketplace websites like fameseller, flippa, sedo...etc but among these fameseller has cheapest commission rate.

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Domain flipping is all about finding the good domain name that has some value and that can be sold with good price. Best domains can be found by using dictionary words, expired domain has good domain authority and page authority so its best to get and sell expired domain. Its also good for SEO and has come with already build backlinks. Finding a good expired domain is a art. You can develop it. Best and free place to find expired domains is visit here.

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How to Sell Domain?

You need to do few steps in order to sell domain:

1. Value your domain:  How much your domain worth in terms of money. To check it visit here.

2. Onces you know the estimated value of your domain then you can decide in how much you want to sell domain.

3. Then you need to register on fameseller to list your domain (Its free).

4. While listing your domain on fameseller you need to verify it and give some description (Try to seek viewers attention by providing best and the most attractive description). Also you need to set price in how much you want to sell.

5. Once you completed with listing your domain go live on fameseller.

6. People will place bids (if you have chosen sell as auction) or (give offers if you have chosen as classified listing).

7.  Chat option is also there to discuss and bargaining for buyers and sellers.

8. Once you finalized to whom you want to sell. Then its time to transfer your domain to buyer and get money.

9. Fameseller provides complete security on your money and assets so there is no chance of fraud.

10. You(seller) have to transfer domain for that you need to go to your domain registrar from where you brought the domain eg: namecheap, godaddy etc.

11. Search for domain transfer option ( every registrar has this option). Click on it and start the transfer process by getting an authentication code and give it to buyer. He will put that code in his account and your domain will be transferred to buyers account.

12. Keep in mind that buyer has to make payment first before that don't give authentication code to buyer.

13. In this way you can resale domains and earn money online on fameseller.