If you are banned from tiktok. Don't Worry In this article i'll tell you how to get unbanned from tiktok.

What is Tiktok and how it can help you?

Tiktok is a platform that lets people create short videos and share them with the world. It also provides various ways for creators to monetize their videos, build community, and explore new content opportunities.

Tiktok is an interesting platform with numerous opportunities for both businesses and consumers with its user-created videos. A lot of businesses use TikTok advertising for their companies, take a look at Upbeat's guide to TikTok advertising in case you are interested in the same.

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Common Reasons You Were Banned from Tiktok?

TikTok has been stricter about their community guidelines recently and has banned a lot of accounts. We do not know what the cause is behind the bans, but they usually happen for posts that violate guideline rules.

It is important to know what will happen if you do not follow the guidelines and avoid doing anything that might make Tiktok ban you.

Here are some common reasons:

  1. You posted pictures or videos of nudity or violence

  1. You uploaded, shared, or commented on illegal pornography

  1. You posted spammy, misleading, inaccurate, hateful content

  1. You shared someone else's private content without their permission

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TikTok no longer allows you to access your account if there's a specific reason for banning your account. However, we hope this article will help you get it back up and running.

With the rise of TikTok, it is becoming more difficult to get banned from the platform. 

If your account was not banned by mistake then it might be that someone reported that your account violated content guidelines and had it removed from the app. In this case there's nothing you can personally do to get your account reinstated.

In order to avoid having your account banned as a result of violating any of the community guidelines, follow these 3 steps.

How To Get Unbanned From TikTok

Step 1. Check what’s the reason behind your ban.

It’s possible you have actually posted against their terms of services, which makes it unable to get your account back. If you’re wondering why your account was banned, please check the TikTok guidelines.

Step 2. Appeal to tiktok support by email

The first option you should try in order to get your account back is by contacting TikTok support. There are multiple tiktok contact email addresses online for this company. The most effective one is:

[email protected]. Other emails you can try are: [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected].

When you're writing your appeal email to activate the account again, it's imperative that you show kindness. If you write in a way that is angry or mean, this will not only cause problems but also decrease the chances of getting it restored.

Many people are aware of how to get their TikTok account unbanned, but you'll most likely have better luck if you also follow the company's suggested email schedule. They often receive a lot of emails per day & they'll most likely take notice if you only send one every single day without fail.

Step 3. Create A Support Ticket in Tiktok App

Still not work? Try to create tiktok support tickets. Go to your tiktok profile => privacy & setting => report a problem. Choose “Other” from the list of options, because there is no option related to banned TikTok accounts.

You will get asked if your problem is solved; click on 'no' and describe your issue in the feedback box. For this step, the same theory as with step 2 goes around. In order to best address your concerns, you should send emails every day & keep an eye out for a response from us.