How to Swipe Photos on Instagram PC

In this article we will see how you can swipe up photos on instagram PC using different ways.

The rise of social media has given users a platform for sharing and engaging with others, and Instagram is one of the most popular apps. You can share your story through pictures or videos. By capturing the imagination of its user base, it was named as the fastest-growing social network in 2017.

With over 100 million engaged users every year, Instagram has a huge sustainable user base and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is always evolving with new features & updates to keep up with the times. It's also important to remember that billions of people are looking at your posts, so if you want to stay relevant, it's important to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram has added some new features for businesses in 2020, including online shopping on Instagram Feed, Stories and IGTV. These features give a platform for businesses to promote production and showcase their products to a new audience.

Despite off as a mobile app, Instagram has yet to be released on the PC. It's surprising to see such a large social media platform still refusing to release their services onto other platforms.

Recent updates to Instagram allow PC users to scroll through photos and view other people's posts. PC users can now also like and comment on photos and videos with three simple buttons: like, for a "heart" icon; comment, for a question mark; and share, for a computer keyboard.

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The increased use of social media has led to more businesses realizing this platform's potential to promote their products. Consequently, most are now posting appealing visuals on social media for this purpose.

Instagram developers came up with a move to reach PC users as well. Here's the answer to the most asked question -

How do i swipe photos on Instagram on PC.

Different ways to swipe photos on Instagram PC:

By Using: 4-way Scroll Mouse

Some companies like Logitech m500 and ASUS have introduced a 4-way scroll mouse. If your laptop/PC is equipped with one, you can now avail its speed-scrolling features to scroll 4-ways. Note that this will only work if the PC you are using has this type of mouse & not just any other type.

Left: swipe left. Right: swipe right

By Using: Trackpad

You can use a device called a trackpad or a glide pad for an Instagram PC experience. This touch-sensitive interface allows people to virtually interact with their laptops or computers through the use of touch sensors & physical buttons on the devices.

If you have a touchscreen in your PC, you can use the touchpad to scroll through pictures on Instagram. Otherwise, you can scroll down this post for other methods to swipe Instagram pictures.

By Using: New Windows 10 Instagram App

Instagram has introduced a new Windows 10 app with an improved user experience. Now you can swipe right and left on your phone to view multiple photos in a post.

Previously, users would either open up the camera or close the app if they swiped on the Instagram photos. Instagram previously added this feature for PC users.

However, up until now Windows desktops didn't support this feature. Now with the updated Windows 10 app you can easily swipe Instagram photos around on your desktop.


You can use Instagram to share beautiful images as stories with your family, friends, clients and business partners. You can set up an account on Instagram and follow people to see what they are posting.