Fameseller FAQs

How to activate account?

After registering you will get an activation email. Visit to your email inbox and click on activate your account. However some times email goes in spam folder for that also check that folder.

Why My URL is not accepting. It says not support your URL?

Type your URL without "www" eg: that will work.

What is the difference between auction and classified listing on fameseller?

In Classified it is listed until your asset is sold Interested Buyers make offers on your listing.

In auction it runs for 30 days. Buyers bid on your listing. Its more aggressive type of selling where you want to sell quick. If the reserve price which is set by seller isn't met within 30 days, then listing will get expired.

When my auction ends, will my listing get disappear?

No! your listing will always be live until sold. But status will converted to expired.

Can i edit my listing after live?

You can edit any time by going into your dashboard. But price and selling method can't be changed.

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What does reserve mean?

Reserve price is available in auction listing. A reserve price is the minimum amount that an owner or seller put while listing. Below it any amount will not be considered and above it, seller can accept it happily.

What does bin mean (BIN)?

A Buy It Now or 'BIN' enables the buyer to buy that listing immediately without bidding or offer. It's a highest amount that seller sets to sell immediately.

What does bid stand for?

Bid is just a price which put for anything which is for sale. People who have higher bid will win that sale.

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