Sell Youtube Channel | Youtube Channel For Sale

Sell Youtube Channel | Youtube Channel For Sale

Do you know you can sell youtube channel and earn in thousands. Yes its possible on

If you have a youtube channel and you want a platform where you can list your youtube channel for sale.

Today here we discuss how you can sell youtube channel and what precautions you need to have while selling youtube channel.

How to Sell Youtube Channel?

Register on and list your youtube channel on it. Its free to list any account on fameseller.

Once you listed your channel on fameseller, people would like to bid on your channel because there are interested in buying. You can make your listing as auction or classified.

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What is the difference between auction listing and classified listing?

In auction listing, it last for few days. In those days people places bids on your listing and when your auction ends the higher bidder won the auction and eligible for buying youtube channel.

In classified listing people make offers on your listing and it depends on you which offer  you finalize. This type of listing has no limited days.

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How to handover youtube channel to buyer?

  1. If you have branded youtube channel then in youtube settings change the manager by providing buyers email address and give all permission. This will invite buyer to become manager of your youtube channel by clicking invitation link in gmail.
  2. After that you have to give buyer your original gmail account on which your youtube channel is and adsense is linked with.
  3. In this way you can sell youtube channel.

What happen if buyer try to scam?

Don't Worry fameseller provide simple fraud free environment with high security. Buyer has to deposit money first then he gets the youtube channel.

Once he satisfied he has to confirm it in 3 days. After that your money will be released to your wallet.