How To Buy And Sell Youtube Channel ?

You made a youtube channel and started getting lot of subscribers and now you want to sell youtube channel! But don't know where to sell youtube channel.

Same with those who wants to buy youtube channel but wondering which site is best for buying youtube channel.

How would you find a buyer or seller for youtube channel? Where can i buy or sell youtube channel?

So here comes the youtube marketplace where you can buy or sell youtube channel, social media accounts like instagram, twitter, tiktok and many more. also apps, websites and domains.

Youtube Channel for Sale! How much youtube channel worth?

You can sell upto 20-30times more revenue you're getting now with your online business.
suppose you are getting $100 per month then you may expect $2000-$3000.

If you want to know the value of your channel you need to list it on People will place bids on your channel.
If you got the best deal you can sell it. Fameseller provides best security on your money and channel.

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Is it legal to sell or buy youtube channel?

yes it is completely legal to sell youtube channel. Its nothing more then selling an online business. The Channel belongs to you, you have full rights to sell or transfer to other person. People are doing this for years.
Even youtube team has replied to one of the questions related to buying or selling youtube channel that its your property you have full rights to sell.

How can i change the owner of youtube channel ?

You can only transfer the brand youtube channel but for the personal channels you need to have original gmail account associated with that youtube channel to get full access.

If you are buying brand youtube channel then seller will go to settings and add you as manager and give all permission and invite you through email and after that remove himself.

Is buying and selling youtube channel against the youtube terms and services ?

No its not against the youtube TOS you can read it here.

Selling or buying youtube is not against the youtube service.

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