What is Instagram story questions and polls, Ideas & how it works?

What is an Instagram Question?

The "Stories" section of Instagram is where users can create questions that will direct their audience's opinion. These are normally used by influencers, social media managers & other professionals to gauge the views of their viewer base.

What is Instagram Poll?

An Instagram poll is also an Instagram questions sticker. The best use for this sticker is to ask yes & no questions or give people the choice between two things, like "Is a fish or a cat".

Why Questions to Ask on Instagram?

By asking followers questions, you're giving them the chance to engage with your posts and find out more about you.

Marketing has started to change - the focus is now on customer retention and engagement, rather than maximising sales. The use of influencer marketing is really starting to take off with brands that are using this strategy.

How can I create an Instagram story?

Instagram stories are a way to post photos and videos to your followers on the app. The posts will disappear after 24 hours, which makes it different from normal Instagram posts.

The best way to create an Instagram story is by taking a picture or video, adding some text (either by typing or drawing), and then applying filters, stickers or other effects.

Users can also add music to their story by clicking the music note icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Newer versions of Android allow users to record voice clips while making an Instagram story. Video length for Instagram stories has been increased from one minute to 15 seconds.

How to post an Instagram story question?

To start an Instagram story, you take a photo or video using your Android & iOS phone and post it to your Instagram account. Follow the same steps which you would with white posting any other story on their account- upload the photo or video, click on stickers and choose question.

The question will show up, with an answer box on the bottom of the screen for followers to type in their replies. You can check their replies in answer box.

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How to post an Instagram story poll?

1) Select a poll sticker to answer the question.

2) Customize the options you want people to choose from.

After your followers complete the poll, they'll be able to vote in real-time. You'll be able to see the number of votes each answer gets in the viewers list. Also in the viewer's list, you'll see what each individual voter chose.

Answers are only viewable for 24 hours, after which they are no longer available.

With polls, you’ll receive instant feedback - but the quality of the responses is usually low. Questions, on the other hand, can be answered by those who are passionate about you and provide higher-quality input.

Here are some of the most important instagram story question and poll types to consider…

Creative Instagram Question Story Ideas

Here are some creative ways you can use the Instagram questions

  1. Ask me anything

  2. Do you have gf/bf ?

  3. Which colour do you like?

  4. Where are you from?

  5. Whats your profession?

  6. Which game you like?

  7. Where do you want to travel?

  8. Whats your pets name?

  9. What is your best joke?

  10. What you like about me?

Creative Instagram poll ideas

Here are some Instagram poll ideas

  1. Who will win todays match?

  2. Cat or Dog Lover?

  3. Veg or Non Veg?

  4. Which youtuber is your fav?

  5. What is the answer of this?

What kind of questions or posts can I post on my story?

Questions to ask on your instagram story:

-What is the most memorable experience you have had?

-What are the things you are most passionate about?

-What are your favorite memories?

-What would you do with unlimited time and money?

-Where have you traveled the most in your life so far?

How to use Instagram Story Questions and Polls for Business Marketing Campaigns?

When it comes to Instagram, users are always looking for engaging content. One way to provide them with that content is by using the Story Questions and Polls feature.

Instagram knows that people want to know what others think, so they have created a tool for businesses to help them create questions and polls. With these tools, companies can ask their followers about their opinions on products or services, find out what they want in future products or services, and much more.

Instagram has made it easier than ever before for businesses to gather information from their customers by using these questions and polls.


Instagram story polls & questions are easy to create and engage readers. It's a great tool for bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc., to gain exposure. Use Instagram polls to improve your content quality on Instagram.