How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Make Money Online

This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to become an Instagram influencer.

With the popularity of influencer marketing and brands investing more money in it, it has become a lucrative earning opportunity for people online.

A lot of people might be interested in being influencers as a source of income as it is an easy way to make money. However, the level of earnings depend on many factors including the quality and quantity of content published, follower count and sponsorships.

How Instagram Influencer Marketing Works

In traditional marketing, companies directly reach the customer. The drawback of this is that people don’t trust advertisers and assume that no matter what they say about products, it'll be in their favour.

31% of people trust brand recommendations on social networks, whereas 62% trust the advice given by influencers. The main reason for this is that, unlike brands, influencers have no direct affiliation.

With the ways the business world is currently evolving, businesses are desperately trying to find marketers who can help them with their products and reach a broader target audience. This is where influencers come in, for they receive a fee or free products in exchange for promoting your product/s.

With a higher ROI compared to other social media, many companies are using Instagram for their influencer marketing.

If you can build a large Instagram following, you will be able to make money online on instagram.

How to Become an Instagram influencer?

Select a niche:

To become an Instagram influencer, find a topic, product or service about which you are passionate. One in which you have knowledge and interest.

Before starting any influencer marketing campaign, it's important to decide which niche you want to focus on. Most people start with a multitude of different niches in mind but it's best to pay attention to which one is most profitable, then follow that path.

To be successful at Instagram in any industry, you will need to post regularly and consistently. This means selecting the right niche to make sure you spend enough time researching it & posting content.

So pick a topic you’re truly passionate about. Maybe you have an interest in crafts, or food? Or maybe fashion is your thing? Pick something that will complement your passions so it doesn't seem like work.

The type of content you share on Instagram should be something you're passionate about and aren't afraid to show the world.

If you're looking for good, profitable and popular niches on Instagram, here's what you should know:

  • Health and fitness

  • Beauty

  • Luxury

  • Travel

  • Business

  • Skincare

  • Dogs & Cats

  • Fashion

  • Food

Create a Eye Catchy Bio

The first step may be to create a catchy bio that highlights who you are and what you do. Your [account name] should focus on specific types of content that appeal to your niche.

The objective is to make your bio stand out and grab attention. To do this, you should make sure that it is clear, concise, and well-written. The first thing that someone will notice about your bio is how well it has been written. It will either catch their attention or not depending on how well it was written. Take the time to find a style that suits you best and then incorporate these tips into your writing process.

A good Instagram bio tells followers what you are all about. It can also be your hook or tagline.

A good bio will make people want to click on your profile and explore it further! It's important to include some personal information so that followers know who they're following.

Share Your Stories on Instagram

To become an Instagram influencer, you should not only share your photos but also caption them with relevant details. 

Engaging them, how them why they should trust you.

Post Content Regularly

Posting content is crucial if you want to be a successful Instagram influencer. Most Instagram influencers post daily or every 2 days, but there are some who post a few times a day or a few times per week.

Studies have shown that posting more frequently can lead to higher engagement rates, however you need to be careful with what your frequency is and make sure it's used effectively.

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How To Gain More Followers with Hashtags

Many people are still not aware of what hashtags are. Hashtags are used on various social media sites for people to use to communicate with others who have similar interests. These hashtags make it easier for more people to find content they are interested in.

One way to use hashtags is by adding them at the end of your posts, or including them in your comment on other's posts. This way you will be able to see what other users are talking about and be more easily found by those with similar interests.

Adding a hashtag at the end of your post might look something like this: #socialmediatips

Switch to Business Account

There are various advantages of switching to a business account.

The most important benefit of an Instagram business account is the access to analytics. You’ll be able to see follower demographics, which posts are getting better engagement, and the days & times that get more traffic.

In Instagram Business account, you also get access to the ad module. Here you can promote a post in order to get some extra engagement.

How long does it take to become an Instagram influencer?

Becoming an influencer on Instagram takes time. It's extremely important that you stay focused and identify a niche for yourself, then create content that your audience can trust.

How many Instagram followers do you need to become an influencer?

Instagram is a powerful social media platform. It's the most popular social media for teens and young adults - both girls and boys. For users, it's a place to share their lives with friends and family, show off their creative skills, or just have a little fun.

It has been argued that Instagram followers are the new currency of the digital age. Influencers on Instagram have been able to live well from posting pictures of what they eat, where they travel, or who they date. In order to be an influencer on this platform you need to have at least 5k to 10K followers on your account.

How much does an Instagram influencer make in a year?

How much an influencer makes yearly is based on a lot of factors, including how many followers they have, what kind of content they put out and how engaged their community is.

How can I become an influencer overnight?

It's not possible to become an overnight instagram influencer . Becoming successful takes time and effort. Usually, you'll need to find a niche, build a brand and engage with followers before your influencer status can be recognized.

Can you be an influencer with 1000 followers?


If you can engage your audience members & put in some effort, you can become an influencer even if you don't have a huge following.

How do I grow my Instagram?

There are three main ways to grow your Instagram account:

1) Engage with people who like your posts.

2) Follow people who like your posts.

3) Comment on other people's photos that are relevant to yours.